The Crew

The Tome of Treasures Core Crew currently consists of the following members:
  • The Scribe, USA
  • Ralf Toth, Germany
  • Christophe Smagghe, France
  • Christian Reitemeier, Germany
  • Kynan Connor, Ph.D., USA
  • Paul Tremiti, USA
The Tome of Treasures Responsibility Matrix shows who is responsible for which section of the website. If you have a question, a request or an idea about a special part of the site, you can find the responsible person here. If you have a general question or request, you can write to any of the Core Crew members.

Original D&D section N.N. (Paul Tremiti, prov.) Rogues Gallery Ralf Toth
Classic D&D section Paul Tremiti Original Art Gallery Ralf Toth
AD&D section Ralf Toth (all AD&D)
Christian Reitemeier (FORGOTTEN REALMS only)
WOTC D&D section N.N. (Ralf Toth, prov.) Forum Moderation The Scribe
Ralf Toth
Christophe Smagghe
Kynan Connor, Ph.D.
Paul Tremiti
RPGA section N.N.
TSR Gems section Ralf Toth
TSR Non-Gaming section N.N. (Ralf Toth, prov. and Paul Tremiti, prov.) German Forum Moderation Ralf Toth
Non-TSR section The Scribe French Forum Moderation Christophe Smagghe
Fanzines section The Scribe General Research and Research Forum Moderation Kynan Connor, Ph.D.
Conventions section The Scribe
Miniatures section N.N. (Ralf Toth, prov.)
Novels, Gamebooks & Comics section Ralf Toth
Video Games Ralf Toth

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