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Jeff Grubb

Grubb is one of the most influential 2nd Edition AD&D designers. His 1st Edition rule book Manual of the Planes spawned the PLANESCAPE campaign setting. Jeff Grubb created two AD&D campaign worlds: The SPELLJAMMER and AL-QADIM campagn settings. He is also co-creator of the FORGOTTEN REALMS and MYSTARA campaign settings.

Today, Grubb is an active blogger and maintains his webdiary at Grubbstreet.

He is also a member of the writing society Alliterates, a collective of former TSR game designers and novelists. The Alliterates maintain a weblog at Alliterate News.

More information at Jeff Grubb's Official WOTC bio page.

Jeff Grubb is married to Kate Novak-Grubb.

1983 Design Consultant Monster Manual II
1985 Design Consultant Unearthed Arcana
1986 Author GDQ1-7 Queen of the Spiders
1986 Design I10: Ravenloft II: The House on Gryphon Hill
1987 Author Manual of the Planes
1987 Author OA3: Ochimo: The Spirit Warrior
1988 Author FORGOTTEN REALMS: Azure Bonds
1989 Design SPELLJAMMER: Campaign Setting
1990 Design Castles
1990 Design Coordinator SPELLJAMMER: Monstrous Compendium Appendix 7
1990 Mentor SPELLJAMMER: Lost Ships
1991 Design SPELLJAMMER: The Legend of Spelljammer
1991 Writer SPELLJAMMER Comic #9: [untitled]
1992 Author AL-QADIM: Arabian Adventures
1992 Product Design AL-QADIM: Land of Fate
1993 Development and Monster Selection Committee Monstrous Manual
1994 Designer MYSTARA: Karemeikos - Kingdom of Adventure
1995 Additional Design MYSTARA: Dungeon Master Survival Kit
1995 Design MYSTARA: Mark of Amber
1996 Writer FORGOTTEN REALMS Comic: The Grand Tour
1996 Author FORGOTTEN REALMS: Cormyr: A Novel
1997 Special Thanks ODYSSEY: Jakandor, Island of War
2000 Adventure Game Material Diablo II: The Awakening

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