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Please have a look first at our FAQ page in this department for answers to some of the more common questions we receive. If your question or reuquest is not answered there, drop us a line at the appropriate email address with questions, comments or suggestions.

We want this to be as complete a resource as possible for collectors, visitors with items to identify and sell, as well as casual players seeking more info on available items for gaming. So input and submissions are essential to Tome of Treasures success. Please give us a reasonable amount of time to reply. All mail is not 100% reliable so if at first we don't connect please do try again.

For submissions:

If possible, post your submissions inside the Research Forums, because then they are available not only to the Core Crew, but to all collectors and researchers in the world. Your submission can be discussed by the community. This is the ideal form of submission. Please sign up with our free forum and read the following 5-minute tutorial and you can start submitting!

If you want to send us an email, please make sure that you read the following guidelines carefully:

Information: We are interested in all amounts of information, small or large, to slowly build a complete resource of information on all of the items featured here. Know an author or artist for items we have listed? Please contact us!

Images: We need scans of many of the items featured. If you have large amounts of information (> 10 MB in total) to send give us a heads up so that our in boxes can handle it. Hi-resolution scans are fine, as long as they do not exceed a maximum of 2 Megabytes per picture. Please send only JPG or other compressed formats. The cover picture should be at least 800 pixel wide, all other pictures should be at least 310 pixel high. Please do not send scans from other web sources. Scans are the copyrighted property of the person who made the scan at the point of origin.

Credits: We will most certainly make every attempt to make a credit or notation of submission either in the Credits & Gratitude page and/or on the item page. It is appropriate to list both first and last names as there are lots of collectors out there with the first same name. If you wish to remain private that is fine, too. Your contributions to the community are most important!

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