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Dave Arneson

Believed to be the first to develop the concept of dungeon exploring associated with Gary Gygax's early game group Castles and Crusades society. Co-authored the first set of OD&D rules in 1973 with E. Gary Gygax. Arneson became employee at TSR in 1976 (from: Silver Anniversary History Booklet).

For more information please refer to the History of TSR section.

For additional information, refer to Dave Arneson's homepage.

Picture taken from 2003 GenCon program.

1974 Author and Interior Art D&D Woodgrain Set
1975 Author and Interior Art D&D White/OCE Box Set
1975 Author D&D Blackmoor Supplement
1976 Special Effort LANKHMAR Table Game
1976 Development D&D Supplement V Swords & Spells
1977 Author Dungeonmaster's Index (nonTSR supplement)
1978 Author D&D Basic Set
1981 Author D&D Basic Set (Otus Cover)
1981 Author D&D Expert Set (Otus Cover)
1983 Author D&D Basic Set (Red Box)
1983 Author D&D Expert Set (Blue Box)
1984 Author D&D Companion Rules

Impressum (Imprint)