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Temple, Tower, and Tomb
Item code: TSR9448
Type: Official Game Adventure
Release: 1994
Levels: 7-12
# characters: 4-8
Design: Laura Craig
Steve Winter
Editing: Allison Lassieur
Cover Illustration: Paul Jaquays
Interior Illustrations: Ken Frank
Cartography: David C. Sutherland III
Format: Two-fold cover,
32-page booklet
Print Runs: → 1st (1994)
Rarity: Common
Value@NrMint: $10
ISBN: 1-56076-859-2
Cover Price: $6.95 U.S.
Weight: 100 grams
Dimensions: Width: 21,5 cm;
Height: 27,5 cm;
Depth: 0,2 cm
"The Autarch has a problem. His kingdom is on the brink of war, and his royal viziers tell him the only hope for the future lies in gaining three unique magical items, each of surpassing power. But the items are held by guardians of such evil that the viziers tremble at the thought of facing one, let alone all three. Recovering those items means almost certain death.

The Autarch glances down at his desk, noting a message from this morning. Spies report the arrival of adventurers, ones of some renown. Instantly, he has the solution to the problem. Adventurers can get those items. They'll do anything for money.

Even if it kills them.

Temple, Tower, and Tomb is a trio of ruins to terrify the most courageous dungeon-crawler. This AD&D® 2nd Edition module can be fitted into almost any campaign or played as a stand-alone adventure. And good luck—you'll badly need it."
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